Judy Marie thought she was bad ass and that she could handle an extreme scene. It usually goes like this: There is extreme, and then there is Facial Abuse. The first slap had her in tears. Right then she knew we don't fuck around. Then the face fucking started; she went emotionally numb. She just shut off all her humaness and just became a hole for cocks to explore. She gasped heavily as slop rained from her mouth. Then Big Red went right into her ass RAW. He fucked it so hard until you could see her colon was hanging out of her ass. It was a train wreck. Then I asked her questions about her not having any self-esteem or dignity as she sat there with cum all over her face. I think she learned a lot about herself from the psychological evaluation I gave her. She doesn't have a doubt in her mind that she is a piece of shit whore.

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